Formative Memories

I made the Talking Jesus Doll to instill the idea of Jesus in children at the earliest of ages. Because at young ages, kids have formative memories. This means, the things they experience early in their lives form their perceptions and often shape the trajectory of a child's life. Early memories are deeply embedded and often last forever.

When was about 4 or 5, I had a toy that I remember vividly. It was a Shamu the whale plush. It was just like the picture above. I grew up near Orlando so it was pretty common to have one. Because Shamu was one of my first toys, it was important to me. I saw it every day. It was the star of my imaginary sea adventures. I slept with it.  It was with/near me almost all the time. It was a big part of my life.

As I grew, I was always very aware of Shamu of SeaWorld fame and orcas in general. I learned about him, watched rando tv shows about orcas and was extremely fascinated by the whale.  A few years ago, I was on Shamu's side when he was getting cancelled by SeaWorld. This summer, my kids thought I was weird for trying to get a selfie with one of the rebranded orcas.  I know that my interest in Shamu is directly connected to that toy I had when I was young.

Had my parents bought me a tiger, I probably would have found tigers interesting. I don't really care about tigers. I have seen a tiger but it doesn't resonate with me.  I don't know... 

Two things that are interesting. First, my parents have no idea that that little Shamu doll was something that was so important to me.  Many times, the smallest things have mean the most to young kids. And second, I got that doll at SeaWorld. I totally don't remember that. I have seen the pictures and know I was there - but I don't remember it.  But I will never forget that doll.  That is what sparked my interest. 

Young kids perception of the world is way different than ours.  When it comes to instilling Christ, you can't give a KJV to a kid that's three. If you wait, it may be too late. Introducing Jesus early can establish a unchangeable trajectory toward Christ.  We hope this doll is your grand/kids Shamu.