The Intra-Familial Mission

One of the most fascinating aspects of our business is reading reviews and learning who our customer are buying Jesus dolls for.  We had one that really stood out and made an impact on us... 


Passing my legacy as a believer


Its a grandparent who is reaching out across his family to minister to his grandchild.  We call it intra-familial ministry. We actually see this quite a bit.  I think this is a reaction to our distributed broken nuclear family structure. In our lifetimes, we have seen grandparents helping to raise their grandkids to single parents outsourcing the job to daycare or the schools.  Modern families are more secular and grandma and grandpa aren't in the picture.

We see grandparents who know their children aren't trying to raise their kids as Christians and they want to change that dynamic.  They send our doll as a gift because presents project priority.  Sending a Jesus doll is a message to the kids about what is important to the family patriarch.  It sends the same to the parents. 

And what grandparents like about our doll is that it is a conversation starter for the child.  Its easy to engage in a conversation about Jesus. Can you say the Lord's Prayer?  Do you know what 'forgive our trespasses' means?  Make a joke about what following Jesus meant for the disciples versus following on Tiktok.  Can you find John 3:16 in the Bible?  Point is, there is something meaningful to talk about - and its a great segue into Jesus.  

Christians spend so much time and money on foreign mission trips.  Of course, we want to save those people over there. But the people who you can really - i mean really - have an impact on, are in your cell phone.  You see them at Thanksgiving.  They call you by your nickname. You have their phone # and address. Its your family. Its your grandkids. 

Our families know and trust us more than anyone else.  That's where we should invest in outreach. They are the reflection of the family name and legacy. Our reviewer is right - the kids matter most.  They are the most open minded to Christ but it requires us to reach and teach early and often.  Don't be shy about it.  Do everything you can. Our dolls are great.  There are other ways to engage as well.  Use whatever is at your disposal.  Just give Jesus always and in all ways!