Your Kids Toys are Woke

The cult of leftists hellbent on destroying America are focused on children.  Schools are infested with CRT, television programs and commercials lampoon fathers and now your toys are woke. Yes, the things kids play with unsupervised and live in their rooms are transmitting the woke agenda.

  • Legos are now LGBTQIA+.  A recently released  set has models made to look like drag queens and people who identify as transgender.
  • Mr. Potato Head is now non-binary.  He's no longer 'Mister' and his role in the family is non-traditionally fluid. 
  • Barbie is now lesbian.  She and her 'friend' have pride shirts and are talking on the bed together. Ken has been out of the closet for a while.
  • Lego defunds Police.  The same company discontinued police-themed sets when BLM was burning cities to the ground.
  • Monopoly gives more money to women because it is 'an advantage often enjoyed by men'. 
  • Books are brazen. With bestsellers like Who Are You? The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity and The Antiracist Baby, what could possibly go wrong.
  • Hasbro is hiring racists to learn how to weave CRT into their products
  • Mattel has an all-female Heroes of the Pandemic set including a British vaccine developer and a Canadian doctor that advocates against systemic racism in health care. 

  • Baby Vaccine normalizes masks and experimental injections for infants.  
  • Big Box is banning boy and girl toy sections making them all gender neutral.  

And on and on. Perversion of reality on family, race, sexuality is an affront to God's creation.  It's in toys, on your TV and surrounds your kids 24x7 - everywhere they go.  It may be obnoxiously obvious. Or worse, it may be sneakily subtle. But it is always there.

But, no matter how hard you try, know they will encounter 'stuff'.  By teaching them these deceptions and the Biblical truth, your kids will learn how to recognize and reject inversions of the truth in all forms.

Jesus is the Truth.  Building a relationship with God through Jesus Christ is essential to building smart, strong and undeceivable kids. If they can overcome the onslaught from Big Toy and Big TV when they are young, they will be unstoppable crusaders for Christ in the years to come.

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