Crowdfunding site cancels Jesus

In February, crowdfunding site GoFundMe famously cancelled $10 million in donations to the Canadian Trucker Protest.  It was done for purely political reasons by the company to disrupt the peaceful protest.  Proving nothing is sacred to the Left, another crowdfunding site has cancelled Jesus for purely political reasons.

Yes, you heard that right - Jesus.  When we started the Talking Jesus Doll, we decided to launch it on Kickstarter - a crowdfunding site where people can financially support a project to help bring it to fruition. Our project was on track to be funded until the Talking Jesus Doll project was abruptly suspended on Kickstarter.

To get on Kickstarter, you have to go through a thorough evaluation process where they collect lots of information and review your project.  After we submitted our project, story, photos and funding goals to Kickstarter, they approved it.

We launched and we were getting new backers and were quickly approaching our funding goal.  But shortly after we launched, we received this email.

Not knowing what policy we violated or who we discriminated against, I asked for clarification. 

They cited the paragraph below and asked us to 'make necessary changes to comply with our rules'.  That was all they said.

We read through our post again and hit the dictionary to look up the word subjugation.  After confirming that we only made factual points in this paragraph, we decided not to remove it.

This paragraph is the evidence that our kids need Jesus now, more than ever.  With full assurance that we had not subjugated anyone, we created links to reference articles from major publications to substantiate the statements. Surely, this will clear up any misunderstanding.

In order, here's they are.  The pictures are linked to the articles.  

We said TV shows 'have devolved into woke propaganda campaigns'.  I think I am covered on point numero uno.

We said 'Legos went LGBT'.  Looks like no subjugation here.

We said "Mr. Potato head went non-binary'.  If the headline and picture were not enough, the article quotes a GLAAD spokesman who very much agrees with us.

Thanks Rich. No arguing point #3.

So this article affirms our statement that 'Barbie is now Bar-bi' citing the overwhelming consensus of Bisexual Twitter.  The author is very clear...

If you didn't know, now you know.  And if Kickstarter has a problem with this, they need to work through this on their own time.  Number 4 is covered.

I think everyone remembers David Johnson, the brave Project Veritas whistleblower who worked at Hasbro and revealed that CRT is being pushed into all areas at Hasbro. Since its widely known that CRT is part of the woke agenda, this is certain evidence of 'Big Toy embracing the religion of wokeness'.

And it shouldn't offend anyone to suggest that teachers, entertainers or ever churches that say girls can be boys and vice versa is in opposition of God's design and therefore, separates one from both their parents and the Creator. Fact again.



So after another couple of days without any further info, Kickstarter cancelled the project.  We responded via email...

(I realize there is no 2/29).  And that is how it happened.

What's next...

After 4 days on Kickstarter, we were 71% to our funding goal.  We just started getting momentum when the plug was pulled. We only wanted to make the love and lessons of Jesus Christ tangible to children at an early age.

Kickstarter approved the project prior to launch and cancelled it after just after launch. Nothing changed.  We can only surmise that someone pushed the "I AM OFFENDED' button that exists on every project.

It could have been the paragraph.  It could have been the fact that our product is Jesus.  We never got and never will get a clear explanation. Whatever it was, Kickstarter chose not to side with us or our backers.  They caved.

We did not cave and will not.  Our Talking Jesus Doll says "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" (John 14:6).  Jesus is Truth. Period.  To deny the Truth is to deny Jesus.  No amount of money is worth that.

It was very costly for us.  Besides the thousands of dollars we did not collect, we spent a significant amount of money driving traffic toward their platform.  And they likely cost us the Easter sales window.

We want to thank Kickstarter proving the need for the Parallel Christian Economy.  We gave Gab CEO Andrew Torba credit for inspiring us to take action and build the Talking Jesus Doll.  Our cancellation validates the need a parallel economy censor-proof systems that allow makers like us be free to create and thrive. 

Finally, never forget that they tried to cancel Jesus once before... and we know how that turned out. 


By David Mauro, creator of The Talking Jesus Doll.  While Kickstarter may have cancelled Jesus, but we are moving forward with you. Check out our current promos here.