Old Tech

When we came up for the idea of this doll, we shared it with a bunch of folks to get their input.  We hear all kinds of ideas like

  • A bluetooth compatible voicebox to upload new verses to have a  subscription service
  • An artificial intelligence Jesus who can talk to kids.
  • A crypto something that uses blockchain for something else...

There were a lot of high tech suggestions and options.  In fact, if you look at the US Patent Database for new toys, you will see some things that will make your head spin.  And most of these things end up in a toybox coffin because they are too complicated.

But, I am  kid from the 80's.  When I grew up, having walkie talkies was like having a iPhone 23.  Having talking toy was like going to the moon.  What was great about those toys was that they were simple.  There was 1 button. They did one thing.  Anyone could use them.  There were no instructions (that I ever read). They always worked.  They never became obsolete because you could change the battery.

With The Talking Jesus Doll, we wanted our message to be accessible.  We wanted it to be so easy, anyone could use it. And it had to work day-after-day, month-after-month without having to be charged.  We made it super simple and it works!

The only lower-tech option is one of those pull-string, record player style voice boxes from back in the day - but nobody makes those anymore.  However, the most important tech is grand/parents who can talk to their kids about Jesus.  Read the Bible.  Expand on what the doll says.  You are the killer app!! 

The Talking Jesus Doll opens the door to those opportunities. So, our old tech is helping reach and teach new believers and achieve our mission to make disciples of all children of all nations.